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K-Pop Beyond BTS And BlackPink

K-pop and BTS may be synonymous but K-pop is so much more than one boy band. Or one girl band. It’s beautiful, brilliant, and so very diverse.

Disclaimer: Not hating on any band – I love blackpink songs and I can also see why people like BTS. There is just a whole lot more to discover.

Here’s a list of some amazing K-pop idols and songs you can explore to sort of expand your K-pop horizons. There’s never enough k-pop idols to love!

1. IU

IU is everything. She is a singer, a songwriter, a kdrama actress and everybody’s darling!

🌸 Palette

A soothing song with a visually aesthetic video and a relatable/much-needed message. It’s for anybody in their mid 20s. I’m sure this song will resonate with you.


This is a more upbeat song. I love it because I really need to work on my boundaries with people and I try to channelize IU and this song every time.

2. Zico

Zico manages to make songs that make you want to dance but still have a deep/beautiful meaning. That combination is one I always look for and treasure the most.

🌸Any song

The most relatable AF song – being sick and tired of your daily life but trying to still be involved. This song also literally makes me jump and dance.


This song approaches the typical scenario of developing a crush on someone in a humorous way.

3. Sunmi

Sunmi is bold and she isn’t afraid to channelize all parts of her – sexy and fragile.


This song is made for you if you are going through a breakup or getting over someone who made you feel like shit. Also, I am not a dancer but Sunmi’s song Gashina got me trying to learn the dance routine.


This song is for you if you’re trying to get over someone you like but know is not good for you. It always puts me in a very specific mood (lingering sadness but also acceptance).

4. Mamamoo

Yes, we finally have a girl group! I know every fan believes that the group they stan is underrated but I truly, truly believe so for Mamamoo.

Each of the members have their own styles and strengths and the group as a whole never tries to fit into conventional trends. Their lyrics are fresh, their dress style is comfortable (to them) and this band just feels mature and authentic to me as a whole.


A fun song about giving yourself a break and being okay with not being okay.


The song that got me into k-pop! It’s so powerful and hot, really. The vocals, the set, the style. Also a great ‘fuck you’ to all the narcissistic and self-obsessed people you’ve ever come across.

5. Bol4

This band used to have two members but as of last year only has one – Ahn Ji-young. Irrespective, the two members have created some really beautiful and soul-touching music.


Ugh. This song is going to be everybody’s anthem once we’re past covid-19. It’s uplifting and hopeful.

🌸We loved

This is probably one of the most calming and lovely songs I have ever heard – Korean or otherwise. It will also give you all the feels if you’ve loved and then just moved on.

What do you think?

Which K-pop singer/band do you think is very underrated and which song of theirs would you recommend? Let me know in the comments.

Also, this is just part 1 because I feel like I have only gotten started! I am so excited for you to try these songs. Hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do.

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