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Feel Good kdramas To Watch On A Rainy Day

June is a joyous month for me because it means the start of the rainy season where I live. So naturally, then, June means hot chocolate with marshmallows (two), bookish days, and comforting kdramas with three servings of ramyun, please!

Romance Is A Bonus Book

  1. Rainy days and green onions

  2. Eating lot of ramyun and other noodles

  3. Books – Designing book covers, editing manuscripts, marketing new releases

  4. Overcoming hardships with a positive mindset

  5. Two romantic interests

  6. Oversized and bright sweaters

  7. Umbrella moment

This kdrama is all about our lead Kang Dan-i who is at the edge of her life and how she turns back from it to a stable, safe, and happier place. It’s also set in the background of a publishing house so that’s just beautiful and bookish all around. Romance Is A Bonus Book will leave you feeling with a feeling of warmth. It will also soothe your soul – it did mine. Also, who isn’t up for our male lead played by Lee Jong-Suk and his adorable smile?

Reply 1988

  1. Nostalgia of growing up

  2. Neighborhood friends and frequent celebrations

  3. Seoul in the 1980s

  4. Three romantic male interests

  5. A lot of food all the time

  6. Hilarious dad jokes

Reply 1988 is a kdrama that is heartfelt all the way. Five families living in a tiny neighborhood in Seoul with. The teenage kids all being best friends and figuring out their own lives while holding on to each other. It’s very sweet, simple, and wholesome.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

  1. College romance (in a sports university)

  2. Leads who have big dreams and work hard for them

  3. Childhood friend trope

  4. Cute friend trio who have much ‘swag’

  5. A lot of comfort eating

Adorable. That’s the award this kdrama takes way out of all kdramas I have watched. There’s nothing more adorable than Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. If you’re looking for ridiculously cute moments, aesthetic shots, and a couple that is relationship-goals in how comfortable and happy they are with each other, this kdrama is for you. Get your chicken and mekju (beer) ready!

Legend Of The Blue Sea

  1. A rom-com through and through

  2. Two timelines – present and period drama

  3. Mermaids

  4. Situational friendships

  5. Con artists you end up liking

  6. Umbrella scene!

Lee Min Ho. Do I need to say anything more? Well, the gorgeous Jun Ji-hyun is the female lead in this one. And the two of them will make you want to never lower your romantic standards. There are such laugh out loud moments in this kdrama and yet with the period drama timeline/flashbacks it adds a sort of sadness and charm.

Since it’s been storming here since morning, I’m going to go make some more ramyun. I do wish I could have some somek with it though! Ahhh.

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