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Cheese In The Trap: Hong Seol Should Have Ended Up With Baek In Ho

Second lead syndrome is REAL

Baek In Ho

He is the guy for her.

He buys her all these self defense tools so she is safe when he is not around and not harassed by her stalker. He fights the stalker immediately when he sees her being tormented by him rather than waiting to play mind games with him like Yoo Sunbae.

He makes her laugh and has real conversations with her. They are so adorable when they argue and especially when they play the piano together. He tries his best to protect her from his sister (but oh well).

He always gives up all his money to his sister without feeling any resentment. Sure he feels guilty about what happened when they were kids but for God’s sake! He was a child too!

Two Solid Proofs We Just Can’t Ignore

Look, I know many kdramas do the second lead syndrome well. But Cheese In The Trap is different. It’s a mistake.

1. Baek In Ho Doesn’t Manipulate Anybody

He NEVER manipulates her or anyone around him or doesn’t treat people like his puppets. In spite of what Yoo Sunbae does to him he doesn’t get revenge on him either. He doesn’t live his life being devastated about his past even though he is had a very rough one. In spite of everything he is still a happy guy. Sure Yoon Sunbae didn’t have the perfect household and parents but where did Baek In Ho?! But the most important reason is the next.

2. Seol Is Not One Bit Awkward With Him

I mean the main theme of the show is awkwardness and her personality screams awkward. She is awkward in general, especially awkward with Yoo Sunbae and even awkward with her own friends! But not one bit with Baek In Ho! He is the one person she is totally the opposite of awkward – comfortable. That in itself tells us that he and she are meant to be.

Remember the rain scene when they are running around? I think she has spoken the most when with Baek In Ho.

I don’t ship them because Baek In Ho is a cute second lead. I ship them both because I find the connection between them so genuine and pure and adorable.

He too has been wronged in several ways but he doesn’t use that as an excuse to be a messed up ass and go around spoiling other people’s lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for Yoo Sunbae. I really do. I can understand him in ways.However I feel Baek In Ho was the guy for Seol.

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